What Clients Have Said

What clients have said - TestimonialsOf course I will tell you, you should work with me so don’t just take my word for it. Check out clients’ testimonials that I have had the pleasure of working with. 

I enjoy working with each and every client. Each person is different and I take great joy in seeing their journey from the start and I am privileged to see how each individual grows along the way. The confidence they gather throughout the process is spectacular. 

Sarah Shanta

I guess I first came to coaching because I was told ‘It would be good for me’. I won’t lie I was fully expecting to make excuses and avoid going (as that is a trickI used to use often) or for Stevie to say i was uncoachable! My negative mindset was strong!

I wasn’t holding much hope. I’d been nervous, negative and generally an anxious mess for as long as I can remember. i don’t know what changed – having Stevie listen, hearing myself out loud. I found a calmer, stronger me.

Stevie listened! No judgement, no advice, no answers – just giving the chance to be heard. Removing the negative!

Biggest learning was not everything’s my fault. How others treat me / act / think isn’t what makes me..me. I am me

I feel calmer, stronger, and more rational. Difficult times will happen but… they no longer have to result in me beating myself up over it.

Stevie has the ability to create a calm environment. He doesn’t push / judge or rush you to reach conclusions. He enables you to understand how you work the way you do but allowing you to do the leg work. Very clever!

If anyone wants a better understanding of themselves Stevie is the guy to help! You put in the work – he won’t do it for you! He may just supply some tools!

Corina Coste

Having Stevie as my coach was a real pleasure. I’ve become aware about many things through our work. He created a great space in our sessions and I felt very comfortable to open up myself and to see exactly the reality.

He managed our sessions in a professional way and gave me the confidence to follow his strategy.

Stevie has great skills and one of the most important is about listening. Because of that, it was much easier for me to find out what is true about what I say to myself and what not.

I’m thankful I had the opportunity of working with Stevie & I believe he will have  a great impact in many others lives. Thank You.

Paul Johnson

I feel the coaching helped me look at issues in a different way and to work out ways to get around them. The coaching made me believe in myself more and making me feel like I can do more rather than just staying with what I know.

I think more differently about goals and the coaching helps you deal with obstacles that get in the way rather than just giving up

A good all round experience

Linda Ruffell

I found the coaching sessions very good. These allowed me to become more assertive

Stephen Lawrance

I felt that the overall coaching experience helped me to find a structure and help plan & motivate me to achieve my end goal


Overall the impact of my coaching was very positive. The sessions always stayed to the point and there was always something new that happened to work on.

My main goal to work towards was always to gain confidence and this is happening however long this may take. One of the main things that I have found, is everything I have been doing to put myself down without even realising. Even though I still do these things sometimes, I know I am doing it now and can recognise these things in myself in order to start re-phrasing certain words to allow myself to feel more confident.

I think I still have areas to improve upon as I still find it difficult to put into practice the key learnings and what I will do. I will try to work more at this and enable myself to put techniques into practice.


The coaching sessions were a good opportunity to set targets and to evaluate and review activities and progress. Steve was very good at digging into the detail and helping to set achievable targets.


Help me to increase my productivity. I gained techniques in thinking and analysing my problems