R.I.P To… You!

Your Funeral

Welcome to your funeral.

OK, not literally, however like the Ghost of Christmas Future, I want to take you on a trip to your funeral.

Not exactly the most glamours of occasions, however sometimes to put life into perspective events like this have plenty of power and relevance. Too many people, don’t take action in life until it is too late. Let’s take you to a trip into the future, to an event where it would be too late and help you ensure this doesn’t happen to you!

The Speakers

At a funeral, there will always be people who will get up and do a speech to the attendees of the funeral. Those who knew you best!

This is your funeral, but I want you to choose one person from each of the following groups who will speak about you.

  1. Immediate Family
  2. A Friend
  3. Work / Profession
  4. A Community / Hobby Group

What Will They Say..?

Once you have your list, what would you want the individual to say about you? This is what you want them to say. Make a list of each one.

What kind of sibling/parent/child would you like to be described as by your family member?

What kind of friend were you to your mate?

What sort of character would you like each person to describe you as?

What achievements and contributions did you make along the way that you’d like them to remember?

Would they say that you realised your potential, or that you had the talent but it didn’t transform into greater performance?

What Will They Actually Say..?

This section will take some honesty on your part, I want you to be as honest with yourself as possible. Deceiving yourself won’t take you any closer to your goals, see this post of self-deception. You will continue to sit still, the tortoise even beat the hare because it sat still for too long!

Go through each of the above questions but now answer them as if you were them. What do you think they would answer?

If you know they will be completely honest with you, then ask them for the truthful answers. If they are not willing to be totally 100% honest then do the exercise yourself.

Gap Analysis

Now you’ve got both sets of answers, identify the gaps between what they would say, compared to what you’d like them to say.

What actions do you need to take to close the gap?

What areas require specific attention? How will you address these areas?

What is currently getting in the way that is stopping you from fulfilling what you’d want them to say?

You get to change all of this, obstacles will always be in the way if you’re not willing to navigate them.

We all have the opportunity to live the lives that we want, it just takes a mixture of discipline, courage and confidence

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