Bullying Awareness Week

This week is Anti Bullying Week!

Bullying is an easy way for the person doing the bullying to receive special attention.

They end up portraying their world upon someone else. They look to increase their own self esteem, not by looking within, but looking to put someone else down!

Just because you cannot see the marks you are leaving upon someone doesn’t mean they are not there.

If someone was to sustain a physical cut the chances are their body will recover and repair by itself. Abuse that you cannot see lies deep within it is much more difficult to repair.

Unconsciously your mind will link present activities to past ones. So if something appears similar in the present to something negative in the past you will already start to enter a negative state. A state of defence.

If you are truly a confident mentally strong person you will NEVER feel the need to put someone else down!

A confident, mentally strong person will lift others up.

Bullying is NOT cool! It is NOT tough! If you are going out to intimidate and bully another individual or group then you require a lot of mental strength building.

Bullies must take on responsibility for their actions. However they are not responsible for the lack of care and attention they receive as they grow up.

They are responsible for mixing in with negative influences that they hang around with. However they are not responsible for their parents or close families attitudes and behaviours.

If you feel you are being bullied then please do speak up.

Confide in someone that you trust. There are plenty of people that will listen to you.

Celebrate our differences. This world would be a bloody boring place if we were all the same!

I used to want to please everyone, well that was never going to be sustainable. Especially if I wanted to get to where I wanted to get to.

Bullies portray their beliefs, values, world onto others. This isn’t a reflection of the person being bullied but the bully themselves.

It is easier to try and bring someone else down then to work on ourselves. But working on ourselves will bring far more love and positivity into our lives.

Both require care & attention.

I hear many times ‘ah they need a good hiding etc’

Well, what does that achieve? They usually need someone to actually listen to them. Someone who cares about them.

If they were receiving this attention and level of listening then the chances of them bullying would significantly reduce!

What happened to ‘Love Thy Neighbour as thyself’

Oh, and one last thing, it isn’t ‘banter’ if the other person isn’t enjoying it, laughing or feels excluded!

Even if this post helps one person on either side of the interaction I will be happy!

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