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Confidence Coach Hailsham

On 30th September I had the privilege of attending the HailshamFM studio. This was to attend, and be part of the Martina Mercer radio show.

We discussed coaching, and developing a positive mental attitude. Also including playing songs which I relate to mindset & confidence, such as Oasis, Nickelback & red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Please see below to listen back to the recording. Let me know your feedback and whether you would like any other areas covered.

Martina’s show is every Sunday from 15:00 – 17:00. You can listen via your local radio if you are in the Hailsham area on 95.9 FM or visit their website 

Want to know more, or want to start your journey to achieving greater performance, confidence and PMA then get in touch or visit the coaching page

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