Action April

Don't Just Think About Your Next Move

There is one single thing which can unlock confidence and self-belief quicker than anything else

It can also be one of the scariest things to do


Tasks are procrastinated over, over thought and it ultimately leads us to stand still

Confidence drops and our self-belief suffers

How do I know this..?

It was ME!

I recall being at work and putting off half my tasks

I didn’t know where to start and wasn’t sure of the outcome, so guess what..?

Nothing happened, I did nothing on it

Now, I am a manager or, as I like to see it, a leader of a team

Let me tell you, an employee taking no action whatsoever is frustrating!

I was so fearful of the future that I decided in the present I would do nothing. I felt it would bide time I could put it off meaning the future was still the same distance away

FAILURE is exactly what I was scared of

This came from nowhere but from myself, my own internal thought processes

Who benefited?

Absolutely no one! I certainly did not.

Waiting for The Perfect Moment

Putting tasks off, as a race, we wait for the perfect moment

Let me tell you, a perfect moment rarely exists. It is just another obstacle we place in front of ourselves to use as evidence that we can put it off until another time

How many of you have said ‘I’ll start Monday’ or ‘I shall wait until next month’

Both options provide us with a feeling of a ‘fresh start’

Well, today is a Monday

Today is also the first of a month

What excuses do you have now? Because let’s be honest they are just excuses

The last time you had this opportunity was October 2018 and before that January 2018

These are perfect moments as any other

Little Adds Up

Usually, when we look to start taking action, we aim for something massive

Something that we make a monumental impact, something that changes everything

We go big or go home

Usually, we start going home as quickly as we started to go big


We can’t sustain it

Start chipping away chunk by chunk

Let’s say for example you want to lose weight and focused upon your diet

Most would start restricting everything and after a couple of weeks, they would have used all their energy up on self-control and resort to eating crap again!

Instead, why not try to add small habits in which add up over time, leading to a monumental impact which lasts!

Week 1 – count calories of one meal each day

Week 2 – add another meal to your count each day

Week 3 – add yet another meal

Week 4 – start monitoring your drink intake

Before you know it, you’ll know exactly what you are eating and the number of calories going in. Your mindset will start to shift with it too and you will be mindful of what you are eating.

Week 5 you may start making sure you walk 10,000 steps a day. Week 6 may add in further resistance exercise or increasing your cardio exercise.

Stop Waiting, Start Doing

Daily actions which keep you on track towards your goals are easier to integrate into your lifestyle

What have you been putting off, that if you did would enable you to start moving forward?

How could you break it down into manageable pieces?

What would happen if it didn’t go to plan? You’ll either succeed and it goes to plan, or you learn. Refine what you did and go again! Win-Win!

This April start taking action!

What am I going to do?

Today, I have started on my new book

I won’t reveal the title just yet, but I am excited by this project

Will it go as I expect? Likely not, but I can either think about it and regret it or I can make a start, make mistakes and keep learning

By the fifth book, I may have refined the process…

There Is No Such Thing As Failure Only Feedback

You’ll be running rings around those not taking action! We are into the second quarter of 2019 – are you on course to make 2019 your year?

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One thought on “Action April

  1. Kate Lacey says:

    Inspirational and fabulous advice. I’ve jumped in to a new business and you are so right how we perceive ourselves and have to push ourselves otherwise where might we be in 5 years? Still where we are now!

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