Is It Safe To Cross?


I was leaving the gym earlier this week when I saw a mum on the other side to her little son. She asked, “is it safe to cross the road?”. His reply was simply yes, before running across the road.

Firstly, it was safe to cross and the young boy was never in danger.

That isn’t the point of this article – It’s not my place to judge other parents. The point in this was the learning which was being, or not being embedded into the young lad during this conversation. It triggered a thought process within me which got me thinking.

The question was simply a 50 / 50 question. The child answered yes before crossing the road, but how did he know he was able to cross?

Would he have gained confidence from crossing? Well, he would have certainly achieved something, so could well have achieved a greater level of self-belief and further confidence.

Decide Your Confidence Placement

One concern is others not having confidence, but another would be people having misplaced confidence.

It is like someone who has had a few street fights, stepping into the ring with a boxer and thinking due to the street fights that they could win a fight against a boxer. Their confidence may increase, but it isn’t placed in the correct area. Understand the level you are currently at. First, you must be honest with yourself, have a good understanding of yourself and high self-awareness. You are on a different journey to everyone else. Your journey may be at the start whilst others are nearing completion. That doesn’t matter whatsoever, it just matters that you are starting and continuing.

Focus on each step, it doesn’t matter how small the step may be. All that matters is each step leads to the next one. If you try skipping a few steps there’s a good chance you could slip and fall back down the steps.

Each day, each situation, every communication will always have learning points. You will always learn something new if you are willing to look out for it. Understand what you have learned, and what would prove it to be true. How have you learnt it? How do you know the learning is true? What could be done differently? What else could happen in this situation? How would you adapt to ensure you manage the situation effectively?

All questions which will lead you to embed the learning and continue. The best learning will come from mistakes you make and the reflection period upon them afterwards.

The reason that the boy could cross the road was due to no cars being around. Is this the reason he chose to cross or was it a ‘lucky’ guess? How did he come to the conclusion it was OK to cross? If it were to happen again and he had to cross the road would he automatically say yes, or is he aware of the potential dangers?

Only he would be able to answer these questions. It could be that he knows how to cross the road or that his mother spoke with him about ti after and understood why. Could he have used all of his senses to make a more informed decision in the future?

My Near Miss & Life Lesson

When I was younger my family had already crossed the road when we were on holiday in Greece. I was distracted by some statue (I still get distracted by pointless shit) to even notice that they had already crossed the road. I didn’t think about cars coming I just wanted to get where my mum, dad and sisters were.

Panicking, I just ran across the road. To this day, all I recall seeing is a large lorry breaking hard and coming to a halt just in front of me (still not sure how it stopped so suddenly). Safe to say I sulked at the breakfast because I was embarrassed and knew I made a mistake. Due to this, it would be safe to admit I have always been cautious of crossing the road ever since… I certainly check and don’t just run! Not only that but this also taught me to not panic in situations and to take stock. I simply panicked and ran, nowadays I breathe and understand what is going on around me before acting.

These are the sort of life lessons which help ensure we make wiser decisions.

You Know Nothing… (At First)

Don’t go into any area, and think you have to know the subject inside and out. No one was born with all answers and knowledge. It is gained over years of learning and personal development. Remain curious!

You won’t learn everything over night. You won’t always have the information when making a decision.

But when it comes to it, ask your self what to do. Don’t just make a guess, understand why you could and why it may be the best option. Sometimes, if you really do have to ‘guess’, make sure it is a calculated guess and again ask yourself the reason you are choosing it.

Just give yourself the best chance to get to the other side. You may have a big lorry coming at you, but you’ll learn, as long as you’re not putting your life in danger!!

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