Elevate Your Self Worth

This webinar series will allow you to understand yourself more, and enable you to accept who you are.

You deserve to invest in yourself, you are more worthy than you believe

You weren’t born to be someone else. You were born to be you! Your life may not have been the one you would have chosen, nor may you think life is fair. Life is what you make it though, the circumstances you were born into are out of your control, but the circumstances you live in are down to you!

It is usually our opinion of ourselves which holds us back. The truth is that no one else really cares that much about you. You think that may have plenty of negatives to say, but the fact is they have many problems of their own to focus on.

Start internally. What is going on for you? Who can turn this around..? There is only one person who can!


This webinar series is broken down into four different webinars. Each designed to uncover something else before finally recognising the person you are and taking responsibility as you move on!

Want to embark on a journey of self-worth? You may even find some self loving along the way!

When you know you are worthy, you will have higher standards. Not only from yourself but from others. New boundaries will be set and new targets set!

Each webinar will be recorded and you will be provided the recordings!

Current Dates

Next series will be starting 11th April 2019 @ 19:00

Session 2 – 15th April

Session 3 – 18th April

Session 4 – 22nd April

All at 7PM

Can’t make all of the above dates..? Not a problem! Each session will be recorded and will be made available!