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The following lists the 7 most powerful positive emotions. 

As humans we are able to choose what we think about. There are always outside influences and experiences which can come into our thinking, however we can choose how much energy we give it. If you don’t feed it any then it will go away, much like if you didn’t feed a plant it would die. If you feed it then you are providing it with energy. Therefore it will become more of a reality as you begin to notice whatever it is going on around you. You will find evidence to prove you are correct. The more thinking you give the different feelings you will experience. 

If you were to think about something positive then you will feel positive. If you think about something negative, then you will feel negative. 

In his book Think & Grow Rich (1937) Napoleon Hill mentions that we have 7 major positive emotions. There are other positive emotions however they can usually come under one of these, or are just not as powerful. There is a lit of 7 negative powerful emotions which I will write about next week. 

The 7 Positive Emotions


Having desire, is having a strong feeling of wanting to have something or really wishing for it to happen. It is far easier to remain the same than to make changes for the better. This is usually due to habit. When we are making a change our desire to change has to be greater than that of staying the same. If it isn’t then you will find it easy to remain exactly how you are. 

It could be you don’t exactly know what you want, but you do know what you don’t want. If this is you, then you are able to find out exactly what you want. You can utilise many ways such as writing it down, talking with someone, or if you’d like dropping me an email and discussing it. Coaching is a fantastic resource to utilise if you are not quite sure what it is you want, but do know you don’t want what you currently have. 

An example which could be used is the fight between chocolate and eating healthily. If your desire to eat healthily isn’t strong enough then you could quite easily give in to the desire for chocolate. Now eating chocolate isn’t a bad thing, and people get worked up on not eating a certain way however our actions usually show us what is more important in our world. Which is fine! 

If you would rather eat healthily and not chocolate, then look at the reasons for changing and make it so your desire to eat well (not chocolate) if greater than that of eating chocolate etc. 


Most people may interpret this as a religion when they immediately see the word faith. However I see faith is having complete trust & confidence in a system. 

If you trusted a process and knew following it would give you the results you want you would stick to it. 

In a religious term, people of differing religions will have faith in their system of the religion. They will believe that following the religion will provide them with the answers. 

If you create a plan to ensure you fulfill the outcome you require than you must have complete faith in that plan. This will provide you with some level of confidence. For me, if I plan out a day I would be far more relaxed than if I didn’t which may cause a level of anxiety within. 

In a lot of situations I have faith in my ability, in the system I deploy that no matter how difficult I ensure I remain calm. Calmness is far more likely to provide with the answers and a solution than that of getting agitated and stressed. 

Have faith in what you are doing, if you don’t? Then look at what you are doing, and ensure you completely trust your system! 


This one is fairly obvious one, or I would hope it is :). If you spread love, you are more likely to receive love back in return. 

Someone who goes around being rude, and possibly bullying, is someone who hasn’t truly experienced love. What they do, is go around a try to spread their misery on others.

If someone was to come along and show them true love their attitudes and behaviour would be affected for the better. 

Love isn’t splashing cash on someone, it is far deeper. You cannot buy love. 

Showing someone an act of kindness is showing a form of love. It could be that you love something. It may be your job, if you were to love your job then you are unlikely to want to leave it. I love my job of being able to facilitate change and see people grow as individuals. I care about those I come into contact with, and the love job this allows me to give my best all of the time. 

If you truly loved someone or something you wouldn’t want anything to come in between. If you did, then did you truly love it or them? It may be you haven’t focused on the positives and only looked at the negatives. 


Well this one can get you into trouble as well. 

Sex & love are different emotions. When they are combined it makes for a complex and fulfilling experience for an individual. Some may not see sex as an emotion, the below taken from breaks down why it is:

Sexual desire, like all other emotions, involves the component of cognition (you have some information about the desired person), evaluation (you evaluate him positively), motivation (you want to do something with him), and feeling (there are feelings of enjoyment, pleasure, stimulation).

You can have sex without love. Dorothy Tennov did a study with a few statements and these were then agreed by subjects of male & female. They were:

“The best thing about love is sex.” – 90% of the people rejected this statement

“I have been sexually attracted without feeling the slightest trace of love” – 53% females & 79% males agreed

“I have been in love without feeling any need for sex.”  61% famles & 35% males agreed. 

Sex is something the majority of people enjoy and is a positive emotion. Some have such a drive for sex that it can cause individuals to have affairs. This is where they have allowed the emotion of sex get the better of them. 


If you are enthusiastic about something then you are likely to experience the feeling of intense enjoyment. It is something which will interest you so you will find ways of doing it. 

If you are doing something you don’t really want to do, then you will likely not be enthusiastic about it, and therefore find ways to distract yourself easily. 

Of course, there will be times you need to do something you are not enthusiastic about, and these are best done when your concentration and attention levels are at their highest. You will use up more brain power when carrying these tasks out, as they may not prove that enjoyable. 

What are you enthusiastic about? How can you make tasks more enjoyable to get them done?


If you asked a number of people in relationships what they like happening it may prove to be exciting surprises from their partner. Nice surprises of course!! 

Romance is described as a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. 

A romantic gesture could be similar to that of a act of kindness but with someone you have a connection with at a romantic level. A bouquet of flowers, chocolate, trip away etc. It is an emotion that has a clearer behaviour associated to it. 

You could also have romance with things. Such as the romance with the sea. The feeling of mystery excitements and remoteness from every day life. 


Hope can kill. It can be very powerful especially for motivation. However if that hope is diminished it can have a very negative effect.

You could have hope that something is getting better. You start to tell yourself it is better and in your mind you may have sense of temporary relief. If the hope is quickly wiped out then you could have a negative effect as the hope built you up.

We all have hope and we can focus upon that hope. You could hope for a better life, which could give a pressure relief however if you don’t act upon it that hope will fade. 

With hope you are focused upon a positive outcome. This hope can kick start your motivation to progress. 

When someone is feeling down and possibly depressed they may experience a feeling of hopelessness. This is when they believe there is no positive outcomes to be achieved. In reality there is always a positive outcome. Most of it will depend on your perception. 

Start looking at all of the positive outcomes you could achieve. You will experience hope, and you will know you can achieve what it is you have set out to do.

Wrap Up

These are only 7 positive emotions, there are others. As with anything in life these could be manipulated and used for actions which may not be ethical. 

These are explained to be acted upon as positive emotions for you to focus upon and feel better about life. It could be a person, it could be an action or an outcome. Focus upon utilising these 7 to elicit positive change. 

You get to choose your emotions. We can’t have a positive and negative emotion at the same time, one will always get stronger than the other. You get to choose your emotion. Don’t give this power away it is yours!

As always please feel free to get in touch to discuss these further, or read Napoleon Hill’s book Think & Grow Rich

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