Getting Off The Hamster Wheel

Hamster Wheel

We live in a world, where we are constantly running about, attempting to get various tasks done. This causes us to keep running in our hamster wheel, without getting off to understand where we are, and if the direction we are heading in is the correct one.

This used to be me, constantly running without taking any time out. This was working for me fine, however it was working for me to continue to do exactly what I was I doing. I hear many people saying their routines work well for them, however it works well for them to perform at the levels they are performing at, or feel the sensations they are feeling. It doesn’t mean it is working for them at an optimal level.

I now schedule in breaks. One of these breaks was scheduled in last week.

I worked and trained for 13 weeks, and scheduled in a week’s mental and physical rest for a week. As with anything there are upsides as well as downsides.

The Downsides

I love routine. Routine works! Having a routine is beneficial, especially if you suffer from low confidence, anxiety or depression. A positive routine that is, something that is going to produce positive results.

Getting off the hamster wheel, produces a system reset. This reset meant whilst things became clearer, getting back into the routine is a challenge.

My routine is built upon processes and systems ensuring I give myself a great opportunity for success. It is much like firing back up a PC which hasn’t been used for a little while, but when it is powered back on there are lots of updates, and security patches. The initial boot up is slow whilst it installs and configures but once it is back up and running it works like it did before but with the latest updates.

The Benefits

The biggest benefit this reset has had for me, and always has is putting everything back into perspective. When we are running we are just trying to maintain that momentum, focusing on not falling off our wheel.

I did a quick exercise the other day which I would encourage you to complete. Allow your subconscious to answer it for you. Whatever comes into your head, goes straight onto the piece of paper. Get a piece of paper, and in the middle of it draw a circle, within the circle write Who am I? Whatever you think of goes around the outside of it.

The biggest thing that stood out for me, was rubbish friend. I hate excuses and it is easy to hide behind, work and family as the reasons for not being in good contact with mates. What was clear to me, was that I could be doing a lot more.

The week gave me this fresh perspective along with ensuring I take some small time out for a hobby. It is important to ensure areas which are important to you are given quality focus and time. It is also crucial to do activities for you. Activities where you can switch off, and just enjoy what you are doing.

Other areas that require improvement showed up and has allowed me to build new enthusiasm as I take stock and understand what is required to move forward.

If you Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Always Get What You Always Got!

Henry Ford

Book It In

You will always remain running, if you don’t plan to get off. You’ll see many accounts on social media talking about hustle, work, being successful, but it doesn’t mean you have to be constantly working or running without taking time out for you. Understanding what you need to do.

I love working. However, it is also important to live your life and enjoy it. I am fortunate enough to enjoy my work and what I do. However, there are also people in my life who are important to you and deserve quality time with you without you being distracted.

Understand what is important to you. Book time in for scheduled breaks. Sometimes, like me, you don’t have to go anywhere. It is just time to allow you to relax and see situations and your life from a number of different perspectives.

I was very fortunate that the week I had off I enjoyed wonderful weather. Being outside does so much to us, being in nature creates a relaxed sensation. If you can work outside great. How often do you go for walks in natures or by the sea? If you don’t book it in, go for a walk. Notice the difference. How relaxed do you feel?

Word of Warning

Many take this as a sign they can be lazy. If you are already doing, well, not a lot, then this isn’t necessarily doing to help. When you are stuck on a task, go for a walk, do something different, but get back to it. This also provides a renewed perspective, fresh thinking.

If you aren’t running, then sometimes you just need a good kick up the ass 😉

Or, perhaps some clarity, new goals to be set or just create some new ways of thinking. Well, in that case get yourself some coaching – get in touch today

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