Why Your New Years Resolution Will Fail

New Years Resolution

It is that time of the year again, setting New Year Resolutions. The beginning… Everything feels new, it feels fresh, like we can start and achieve whatever we want. We set off with good intentions before quickly slipping back into our former selves.

This is the year… The year I am going to be [insert what it is you will be] or this year I will do [insert activity] or this year I am going to have [insert what you will have].

It’s great! Motivation is at its highest for the majority of people and with that comes the intention of hitting new targets, creating a better version of ourselves. Seriously, make the most of this level of motivation.

Honestly… I bloody well hope you achieve every single one, I really do. Unfortunately, I have seen all too often it is more likely they won’t be achieved than they are.


Well let’s take a look at some of the factors I believe cause us to not meet our ‘New Year Resolutions’

Why Is It Important Now?

You have had your whole life prior to this year to be, do or have what it is you have said you will achieve this year. For one reason, or another you haven’t done it yet. What does that tell me?

One of the big reasons will be it wasn’t important enough. If it wasn’t important then, why is it so important now? It may be for a very good reason, in that case, fine!

Is it even that important, or is it an idealistic target. Something you don’t REALLY want but something you feel you should have to meet the expectations of society. On a scale of 1 – 10; how important is it that you achieve what it is you are setting out to achieve? What is the reason for the score you have given?

If it is anything below a 10, you have got room, to get out of doing it. Why? Well, it just isn’t important enough, therefore you won’t prioritise it. What are you really wanting to achieve this for?

If you score anything below a 10, could it become more important by linking it with other aspects of your life? When we start to understand the purpose of what we are doing then we can make a better connection to it and ensure we find time in our day.

Running Before Walking

Another reason for failing on our new year goals is because we try to run before we can walk. We set such high standards due to believing the superficial bollocks on social media, that we think we should be at the destination before the journey has even started.

Don’t focus on the end result, focus on the day to day. Walk one step at a time, and don’t get ahead of yourself. The moment, you try to run you could find you fall over. Ultimately, this doesn’t matter. It is the falling which ensures we continue to develop and grow. However, if you fall early in the journey it can be slightly discouraging. Further along, you would have built up enough self-confidence, self-belief and momentum, that you’ll dust yourself off and go again. At the start, it may be a little damaging

It’s Not All About Size…

The above leads me to discuss, well erm… size! It isn’t all about size guys…

OK, take your minds out the gutter for a second… I was on about the size of your goals. You’ll hear plenty about you need to be setting big goals, you need goals that will scare you… Usually, they are making up for something…

What you need, are goals you believe you can attain.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to set goals which don’t challenge you, otherwise, you’ll never move forward. Set yourself goals, which you’ll need to be focused for, but are realistic in YOUR world. Not Tom, Dick, or Harry’s.

You aren’t going to move forward by always failing over and over. Yes, failure is important. You need it at stages to grow but to continuously be met with failure… well that isn’t going to help you at all.

If you set goals which are slightly out of your current reach and keep moving forward in no time you’ll be setting goals which you would have thought were far out of reach. It is called progress!!

You Haven’t Reprogrammed

You can set resolutions, and the excitement can ensure you carry on the journey throughout January. Excitement, enthusiasm and intention can take you far, but that can’t carry you forever. If you do not reprogramme your thinking patterns, eventually you will come to a stop, and find yourself sinking back into previous thinking habits.

You know that inner voice of yours, telling you you’re tired, or its too cold, or it won’t matter if you don’t do it today. The excuses start to allow us to drop our standards.

This inner voice won’t disappear, but reprogramming our thinking patterns can allow us to have better, more empowering responses.

I Want You To Win

I would love for you, especially as you’ve taken time to read this 😉 to win! To achieve each and every target you have set out to achieve.

I hope some of the above will assist with that, and get you thinking.

Please don’t do it for others. Do it for you. The moment you start doing things for you, you will start to find fulfilment in your life, joy even! Live the life that you want to lead.

If you are serious about growing and achieving your goals and want further assistance then please get in touch.

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