The 7 Most Powerful Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions

As discussed in the previous post regarding 7 most powerful positive emotions there are 7 powerful, but negative emotions. This post will list those 7 emotions, and a little about them, and how they could be stopping you!

1. Fear

This is one which grips us all at some point in our life. Fear has kept us, as a species, alive for thousands of years. Why? If we were not in fear in the wild, then it could have left us as a species vulnerable. Open to attacks, and being killed. 

Fear comes about when there is a threat, and in the new age this perceived threat has been fabricated in our mind. As soon as this is in our mind it starts to halt us in our tracks. The ‘What If..’ questions start being asked within our minds. How does this help us? Once you peel back the layers there is a purpose and possibly a good intention however without looking into it and thinking about in from a surface level you will stop!

Some people try to manage or influence people using fear. When we carry out instructions through fear, it is done reluctantly, this can cause lack in quality. Do you really want people to fear you? Or would you rather them respect you? People who fear you won’t respect you!

2. Jealousy

The green eyed monster! Jealousy comes when you start looking externally towards others. You could get the emotion over another’s possessions, their status, career, relationships and many other things. It is when we start to compare ourselves that jealousy comes about. 

If you are solely focused on improving yourself, and your confidence you won’t have the time for jealousy. You may look outwards to measure yourself, but you will have the confidence you will get there. Maybe not in the short term, but in the long term. 

Jealousy can stem from number 1, fear. You could fear you significant other going off with someone else, and become jealous of the time they spend together. Jealousy won’t lead you to anywhere successful nor positive. It will change your attitudes, thoughts and actions. All of these you are in control of, but if you allow jealousy to drown you then your actions will only lead to negative consequences whether that be short term, or long term. 

Ask yourself, are you in control of the emotion of jealousy? Be honest with yourself. Are your actions led by the emotion, or are you in control of it?

Jealousy could warn you especially in a relationship however use it in a positive manner. If you’re not in control, it will lead to a negative action and outcome. 

3. Hatred

Hate will never win anything! Hate comes from anger and resentment most of the time. It is a really negative energy, and having some, even if only minimal, hatred towards anything or anyone will mean carrying around that negative energy with you. 

This can occur from something or someone doing something that goes against your values and beliefs or from jealousy whereby you are jealous of them and lead to hating them or it. 

Like other negative emotions if you cannot control it, it will consume you. Your negative actions will be obvious to those around you, and will be seen to be many negative associated words. Hatred is really toxic, again leading to nothing but more misery down the line. Your mindset when being fuelled with hatred will be nothing but negative. 

What do you want by hating someone or something?

What is the real (be honest) reason for the hatred?

Shifting perspective allows for a different emotion. If you feel wronged you may feel sorry for the other person that they are not in control of their emotions or are not seen to be ethical. If coming from jealousy, you could look to become motivated, and inspired to achieve success in your own life. 

4. Revenge

You could be feeling any of the other 6 emotions, and for that reason you want revenge! What will revenge ultimately do? Sink you to that level!

You may feel humiliated so want to find revenge, keep your head held high. It is far easier to go out and act in a way of getting revenge. It is far harder, but far more rewarding to keep to your values, and ensure you remain strong. If you are strong minded, you won’t need to seek revenge! 

Revenge can blind you! You are not aware of the bigger picture, and you have channel vision solely focused on ‘getting even’ or ‘getting one over on them’. 

Revenge is very much driven by ego. Your ego takes a little bit of a knock, and your ego / pride kicks in, and wants to make sure you stay on top. If you seek revenge, ask yourself what else you could do? There are always other options out there. 

Revenge is remaining focused on the past, the longer we are focused upon the past we will not see where we are going in the future. Would you walk down the street walking backwards? Likely not because you would walk into something or someone, and potentially get hurt. Remain focused on the future. 

5. Greed

An emotion of self-indulgence. I am sure you, as well educated reader know the story of Scrooge. This was a gentleman who was very much wrapped up in the emotion of greed. He was selfish, and couldn’t care about others’ feelings and values as long as he was getting what he wanted. 

This is the desire of having more than we already have. Whether that be money, possessions, or people. Is it OK to desire more? More money, more things? Of course it is!

However if you are controlled by greed you will look to acquire those by any means possible. When controlled by it you will act irrationally meaning you will not be consistent. It could also mean making huge mistakes. If, for example, you were being controlled by greed and wanted more money you may place half of your monetary value on something. Whether that be a bet, or some sort of investment. Due to the greed and not thinking logically you haven’t made all the correct calculations and mitigated the risks. The investment goes wrong and you end up with nothing! How does that benefit you?

Well if that is what you are doing, then others may determined that you deserved it. Ask yourself, what you are really doing what you are doing for? 

6. Superstition

Let me start by saying rituals are different to superstitions. Some will have morning rituals whilst some sportswomen, or sportsmen have rituals before going onto the field of play. These rituals will set them up for the task ahead. Whether that be for the day, evening or event. 

However if an athlete was to tap the wall three time before leaving the dressing room before entering the field of play then that would be more in the superstitious area. This could be related to OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) however the differences being that someone with OCD will repeat their activity over and over which interferes with everyday life. More on OCD can be found here 

The emotion of superstition is irrational & without logic. If the sportsperson was to tap the wall three times, how does that logically give him a better chance of winning? It doesn’t, however it is something they may have a belief over. If they get consumed by this superstition it may affect their performance, especially if they have not done it, or not done it the way they usually would. 

A few examples of common superstitions are:

  • Walking across 3 consecutive drains are bad luck
  • Walking underneath a ladder is bad luck 
  • If a black cat crosses your path then it is bad luck, and you should turn around and walk the other way
  • Touch wood in case something happens after you have said something which has happened to you

As you can see from these, there is no logical applied, but if you start to dwell on it, you will be changing your behaviour due to the influence of this emotion. If you do, do one of the above and act upon the emotion you could fall into a negative state which could affect the rest of your day, or possibly longer, waiting for your ‘bad luck’.

7. Anger

Personally, this is the emotion I had the most difficulty with growing up. I never knew how to deal with the emotion of anger. It wouldn’t lead to external outbursts but did consume me. The world we live in appears to contain a lot of anger. Where this anger is directed at or where it comes from can range from one end of a spectrum to another. 

Many act upon anger, and this will be when you see violent outbursts which people associated with anger. When I was dealing with my anger problems it did surprise a few because I wasn’t violent. Anger doesn’t just lead to violence but it can play on our minds and our mental health. 

Anger really does blind you, and due to you not using logic and the power of anger it can cause to the outbursts as mentioned above. The follow on effects could be huge!  


These above emotions do have a place in some situations however as you can see they all have negative relations. A positive & negative emotion cannot exist at the same time. It is not to say you can remove these emotions because the emotional part of the brain reacts faster than the logical part. 

However you are able to train your mind, like any muscle, so you have the choice whether to act upon the emotion. 

What would you prefer, a positive emotion or a negative one? If you are acting upon the negative emotion, then decide whether it is what you want or whether you have not got control over your emotions.

If you are able to act upon logic, and thank the emotion then you will develop a far stronger mindset. 

Remember it will be easier to act upon emotion rather than building a stronger mindset to decide how you want to act. 

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