Relax, Be a Smoker


Feeling stressed, and losing confidence in situations?

What if I told you smokers have the hidden secret?

How many smokers do you know, that go out for a cigarette when they get stressed?

Those smokers have been hiding this for so long, perhaps aren’t even aware of it themselves….

When you are feeling stressed you are not going to be feeling very confident

Your state of mind will be unresourceful

No matter how prepared you wanted to be, you’ve become stressed

You are filled with monumental anxiety!

You feel the panic you are overcome with the sound of doom.

The feeling is flowing faster around the body! Suddenly your stomach feels like a washing machine churning

Here… smokers may go for a cigarette to calm down

BUT…. you don’t smoke!!!

My one health tip… Don’t start smoking!!!

Well guess what…?

You don’t need to smoke!

Smokers don’t need to smoke either! It’s a preference

But you said relax be a smoker?!?!

Learn from a smokers behaviour…

They take regular breaks. How often do you go for a regular break?

They walk outside. Not only are they exercising when walking, but they are going outside (get out more). Fresh air… well until they smoke!

One of the most important things….. They breathe!

When a smoker is having a cigarette they breathe in but their outbreath is longer!

Smoking is NOT relaxing! The secret… Breathing properly!

Due to the outbreath being longer than the in breath for a consistent short period of time, they activate relaxation! They activate this before the nicotine hits the brain!

Remember you cannot be stressed & relaxed!

Banish your stress, and welcome your relaxed state! Just breathe!

How often is your out breathe longer than your in?

Smoking is not healthy nor would I ever encourage smoking! However do what they do apart from the activity of smoking…

Oh and if you want to stop smoking? I would love to hear your story – we could work together!

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