Coaching Services

Coaching is a fantastic resource to get you from where you currently are to where you want to be. Would you be able to get to where you want on your own? There is a possibility this could be the case, however there will be times you need to change your thinking process, shift your state to a more resourceful one or challenege some beliefs that may be holding you back.

Coaching is becoming more well known as its benefits are becoming clearer, especially in the workplace. Managers and leaders are encouraged to adopt a coaching style to empower their employees. It is seen as more beneficial to see a coach than attend a learning course.

Why is this?

I believe it is because mindset comes before skillset. When working together new skills will be learnt but the real difference will be in the mindset you adopt.

When it comes to coaching, I do not believe in one size fits all. Each person is unique and the best way to stand out is to make sure we maximise the points that make us unique.

I offer a different types of coaching that you can find more out on below.


The more recongised and common style of coaching is 1 – 1 coaching. As with any sort of 1 – 1 practice the time is spent entirely on working on the challenges you are facing and exploring them in detail.

I don’t offer what I class as packages as I like to listen to what you are currently experiencing and understanding what you want. From this initial conversation we can work forward in a format that works for you and maximises the potential within.

I do however ensure clients have at least 3 60-minute coaching sessions. Change isn’t an overnight process, our habits have been formed over a number of years. One or two sessions won’t overcome that. I have noticed over the years of coaching three is the breakthrough number and from then on the sessions are extremely rewarding.

Once we see change the process becomes addictive!

Pricing for Individual varies due to the nature of what is required.

Team Coaching

Through my leadership career I have learnt so much about leading a successful team. What makes one member work will nto work for another, and having diverse members of the team brings a broader, richer perspective.

Coaching teams is great fun and is a great way to work through challenges together, forming new objectives, agreeing on values, forming standard behaviours and unleashing talent amongst other things.

As with all my forms of coaching when it comes to Team Coaching I bring the element of fun with it. IF you don’t like fun then there is no point using me as your coach.

How often do teams come up with their own ideas? It is still sad to know there are many teams with tight constraints working with too many processes and not allowing their creative side to flow.

Want to be part of a winning team? Get in touch to see how your team could be just that!

Group Coaching

Group coaching is great if there is a group of you wanting to receive some benefit but perhaps want to go throught the process with others.

It doesn’t provide the level of detail and attention that 1 – 1 coaching does, but does provide assurances when you are going into the unknown with people you know.

When we get out of our comfort zone (where change happens) it can be uncomfortable, being surrounded by those close to you brings that added reassurance.

Like indiviudal coaching, at least 3 sessions would be required.

How Do I Sign-Up Or Find Out More?

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