Relationship Building

Every day we form new relationships, and maintain existing ones. These can happen with colleagues, your manager, friends, partner and family.

Unfortunately not all relationships are always deemed successful and we struggle to understand one another. It is the lack of understanding whereby relationships usually breakdown. A greater understanding and wider range of perspective allows relationships to get back on track. When rapport is broken it can be difficult to get back however it isn’t impossible.

Ask yourself how important is the relationship to you? What is it holding you back from achieving?

If the relationship with another person, or group of people is holding you back and is important to you then it is something which you should address and resolve.

Going through this process will give you a greater understanding of your relationship with this person or group of people, and allow you to establish a better relationship. Remember we are all different, and what works for one person may not work for another.

What will we do?

If you decide you want to work on a relationship with someone then we’ll talk to discuss what you are looking to achieve. Please remember you cannot change someone else, and this is not the purpose of this session. This session will be to discuss how you want to improve the relationship and work on it from your perspective. The first stage would be to gather an understanding of the relationship you want to improve upon. Once it is understood and discussed we will work through an exercise, depending on what is most relevant.

You will go away from the session with a far greater understanding of the relationship and some action points for you to try.

Some will want a follow-up discussion whilst others will be happy to go away and work at it. This is down to you.


60 minute session – £40

Please get in touch at if you want to book in a session.