What Is Wellbeing?

The definition of wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.

Personally, I believe there are vital foundations which make up one’s personal wellbeing. This is a personal belief so isn’t to say it is factual however when I am working with individual’s wellbeing these are the components I focus upon.

Wellbeing constitutes of mental, physical and social wellbeing. Many people get their joy out of helping others, however, they forget about themselves. They allow their own wellbeing to get affected at the expense of helping other people. Some may call this selfless but could it actually lean more towards being selfish?

If you do not look after your own wellbeing you won’t be at 100% you may only be at 50%. If you are only at 50% you can only provide 50% to another person. If you maintain your wellbeing at 100% then you can give your full self to another person.

Why Wellbeing?

How did I get into wellbeing? It is a good question. I wouldn’t say it was my intention to get into wellbeing. However, the more work I have done and the experiences I have had it actually wouldn’t make sense not to be in the area of wellbeing.

Coaching clients has always been rewarding due to the fact I enjoy helping other people and seeing them grow and realise their potential. I worked mostly in the area of confidence and delved into mindset.

Throughout coaching others three areas would come up more often than others. Confidence, mindset and resilience. These three make up my pyramid to overall wellbeing as I mention below.

Sport and fitness have always been a major part of my life so adding this into it provides extra passion for a subject I believe is put aside and neglected due to the ‘busy lives’ we lead today. This has seen an increase in health problems both physically and mentally.

Mental health deserves the recognition it is growing however my mission is to defeat it before it becomes an issue. With better wellbeing, I believe this is possible!

The Components

As stated above I believe wellbeing to be made up of a number of components. These components I have consistently come across and hence the work & research I have done upon them and continue to do.

The figure below illustrates my wellbeing pyramid. You cannot build a pyramid from the top, much like a house. The foundations must be set first. Once you work upon the foundations and have a solid platform to work from you can start to move up to the next tier. Of course, only one of the components may require work, but I find the lower on the pyramid the greater impact it will have on your overall wellbeing.

Worsell’s Wellbeing Pyramid


The majority of things in life starts with a powerful mindset. A mindset that is a positive growth mindset. If you do not believe something can change then you are correct. It won’t change. Adopt a growth mindset so you give yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

If you have a negative, fixed mindset you won’t believe you are in control of your wellbeing. You will believe it is what it is and it cannot be changed.

A positive mindset doesn’t mean you ignore the ‘negatives’ it just means you are optimistic and find a way to solve the problem and overcome the challenges. It is knowing what you are in control of, and accepting the areas you can’t control or influence.


Exercise is crucial to an overall top rating within wellbeing. This may be fairly obvious but again it is surprising the number of people who do not prioritise physical activity.

Not only does exercise benefit you physically but it also has many positives for your mental wellbeing too.


In the fast-moving world, we live in today, information is always being thrown at us. You can wake up with the greatest intentions in the world but the moment adversity comes your way it is crucial you have resiliencey to overcome it.

Building resiliency allows us to take on new challenges and be comfortable being uncomfortable. Stress could be seen as a badge of honour, but what a load of rubbish! Being stressed isn’t something to be proud of. Being able to deal with stress, well now that is something to have tattooed on you and shown off to the world!


We are emotional beings, and considering our emotional part of our brain acts faster than the logical part it is crucial we obtain some control over it.

Our emotions allow us to connect with us on a deeper level, but they can also alienate us from others if we are not aware of them or allow them to be out of control.

Having a higher emotional intelligence (EQ) is considered to be more important in the modern world than having a high IQ.

Someone who doesn’t have control over their emotions can be considered as inconsistent and others won’t know what version they are dealing with today. If they don’t know the chances are you won’t know either.


Confidence isn’t thinking you’re better than anyone else, but it is knowing who you are and being comfortable with who you are.

We give far too much power away and lacking confidence means we start to avoid the things we want to do. It stops us being the best version of ourselves.

What would the most confident version of you look like?


Your energy tank needs to be replenished daily. If one of the components from the pyramid is not being taken care of, your energy stores are likely to be lower and not have the fuel being supplied.

I love talking about energy, as when we are full of energy we can get so much more accomplished. Tasks don’t feel a burden or ‘hard-work’. The fact is if we focused on the matter and got it done we would like to have more energy after.

If you are not topping up your energy tank, then who is?

Your car would be pretty useless without a tank of fuel… It wouldn’t function! Your mind & body require their fuel too, otherwise, you’ll render them useless as well

Take Control of Your Wellbeing Today!

Tomorrow becomes never. No matter how small the task, take the first step now!

Tim Ferris